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   To begin your journey through the wonderful world of hoaxing, you must have already understood the ways of playing on emulators and roms. If not, check out my section on the previous page.
   Save an image and right-click it.
   Press 'Open With'.
   Choose Microsoft Paint
   To start hoaxing, use all the tools and then see your picture.

Sprites (Self-Insertion)

Okay, quick thing. Your sprite must be something creative and has some relativity to the games your hoaxing for. DO NOT have just a plain ol' Tails standing around- recolor him or give him a costume. Notice that my sprite is Knuckles in a spy costume. Sprites are your self-image on the internet. It is best to choose a sprite and stick with it.
Here is an example:

Knave the Beaver

Types of Hoaxes
   Normal hoaxes are when you just use the paint program and mess around.
   Crossover hoaxes are when you take a sprite from another game and stick in a Sonic game like that red guy from MegaMan X and stuck him into the Hidden Palace Zone 1 of Sonic 2 Beta.
   Techinical hoaxes are when you sneakily change something in the game. Such as if you moved a palmtree in Sonic 1 over a few pixels or if you place a character in the wrong level (i.e. Sonic in an area that only Knuckles can get acces to).
   Jokes are, well, just jokes!