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Contact Me!
If you wish to send me some of your hoaxes these are the rules you must follow.
   The hoax must NOT be sexually-rated. If you even TRY to send me anything like that I will never accept your hoaxes and delete any that I already have of yours.
   If you are going to have any foul language on your hoaxes you may bleep them out such as '@#$%' or cr*p' but I don't want to see any reminance of the 'f','s', or even 'di' words in these hoaxes, or else you will facew the same consequences as you would for the rule above.
   Do remember I will not post all of the hoaxes you sent me. I will choose only the best of the best. If you expect me to accept something like this...
 're an idiot.
THIS IS NOT A HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This a poor excuse for a Sonic Fan Pic!!!
You can e-mail me here: