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Yep, I got more of Matt's hoaxes up on the site now. Matt is the famous creator of Sonic Vegemite. I am now presenting the famous "When Tails Gets Bored" series by Matt.

And I thought Sonic got on Knuckles' nerves...
WTGB #1: Tails steals Knux's shoe. Knuckles is mad. Laugh. Laugh.

And so begins the food hoaxes...*sigh*...
WTGB #2: Tails gets hungry.....

Tails has been watching too much "Tail Spin".
WTGB #3: Tails gets a little daring - - Sonic isn't so impressed.

Sonic: "He never cleans my Tornado...."
WTGB #4: Tails decides to open a buisness.

Krispy Kreme, anybody?
WTGB #5: Tails puts the ring to good use.

Best Sonic R hoax on my opinion.
WTGB #6: translation to the grafitti: "Fox Power!" A gang, probably?

Sonic, get a sidekick with a smaller appetite...
WTGB #7: Lunch Base Vegemite-Vision!

*sings* One these things, doesn't belong....
WTGB #8: Tails clones = Sonic's worst nightmare?

Hey, Sonic want some pizza?..Sonic?...Helloooo!!..
WTGB #9: Tails' hunger can block his common sense, sometimes...

*We interrupt this hoax for an announcement...*
WTGB #10: Knuckles ain't gonna be hap-WHAT THE-!?!?

What's next? Sonic R on Game Gear?
Bridge Zone comes to Genesis! Nice.

I had to ask....
Sonic R comes to GG....

Okay, then. Let's try S&K on GG!
...complete with title screen.

Will these GG hoaxes ever cease? Sonic & Knuckles on GG.

What's nex-Wait, remember your karma...
Sonic Adventure on Genesis. First hoax of Mystic ruin ever!! Cool...

-_-......I knew it....
Speed Highway on Genesis.

When "The Birds" is made into a hoax, I guess...
Finally, some humor!! Where's egg-head when you need him?

Sonic: "You just had to throw out the manual..."
Chaos Angel zone experiences some technical difficulties.

Now when am I going to do a self-insert?
Self-insert into the S3 intro...not bad.

Cream: "Uh, Mr. Sonic......"
Sonic, I think you forgot something...

When Matt Gets Bored, perhaps?

"Tails, have you been using the cloner again?"
A Sonic 2 Beta ending screen?

S3&K: Sonic 3 & Kirby
Sonic Melee, I guess....

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